Organic Black Seed Oil


Natural Remedies body health immune system strengthening Black seed oil with cumin seeds

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Natural Remedies body health immune system strengthening Black seed oil with cumin seeds


100% Pure Black Seed Oil – Egyptian Black Seed


INCI: Nigella Sativa

Botanical NameNigella sativa


Extraction: Cold pressed from whole seeds

Odor: Characteristic of black seed oil

Pressed from EGYPTIAN black seeds – Organically Sourced

Ingredients: 100% PURE BLACK SEED OIL – NIGELLA SATIVA (also known as Black Seed Oil. In addition to many other names like kolonji, habut al baraka, Black seed kalonji Nigella sativa oil, Nigella Sativa, etc….)

 Pure Black Seed Oil benefits that inspire YOU!!


Skin: Using the best natural Black Seed Oil from Egypt for skin helps moisturize the skin and promote moisture retention for smoother, softer skin. Increased levels of moisture on the skin can help ward various skin conditions, such as dryness, and give your skin a natural glow. Products including Egyptian Black Seed Oil can improve the appearance of your skin, while also delivering nutrients to maintain healthier skin. Egyptian black seed oil is widely popular for its cosmetic use in the beauty industry.

Hair: From thinning hair to dryness, there are a multitude of problems that are caused by not taking care of your hair. Another popular use of the best natural black seed oil from Egypt is for promoting overall hair health. Although it’s not concrete as to why exactly black seeds help hair, one can assume that it stems from its potent essential elements properties. Egyptian black seed oil is beneficial by nurturing the scalp and moisturizing hair follicles to help reduce hair damage from heat and split ends. The best natural black seed oil can be used directly on the scalp to reduce flakiness.

Black seed kalonji Nigella Sativa oil with different carrier oils, or with a couple of drops of essential oils, or use straight out of the bottle as a massage oil. Adding other compatible oils to black seed oil may result in a very favorable massage oil to use on yourself or clients.

Or, use the best natural black seed oil to make new products! due to the oil’s moisturizing capabilities, it may be developed into new products, like hair conditioners or body moisturizers. Its fundamental elements can also help keep skin and hair healthy.

When used straight out of the bottle, black kalonji Nigella sativa is still as effective. Use the oil as a hair treatment by coating your hair with pure black seed oil and permitting the oil to sit in your hair for a few hours too long. this provides your hair some time to absorb the oil and its advantages. Once black seed kalonji nigella oil has been in your hair for the required quantity of time, rinse out as usual. you’ll be able to additionally attempt black seed oil on your body. after a shower, pat in some black cumin oil onto your skin.

Well suited for cosmetics, skin creams and therapeutic massage oils.

Is this oil safe for consumption?

Our oils are pure and most are food grade. For liability purposes, and because we are a cosmetic company, we cannot advise internal use for our oils. Please speak to a doctor or professional before taking any oil internally.

Storing: Best if kept stored in a temperature controlled environment. Refrigeration is not necessary but recommended to help increase stability.

FOOT & HAND CHART: Each chart will be emailed to you without watermark in a 5 mega file. Please note these are nonrefundable.

FDA does not allow any sellers to claim that any product can treat, cure or prevent disease, or affect the structure or function of the body, including hair and skin.



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