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Curious about our popcorn seasonings, but want to try them before you buy a jar or bulk bag? Then buy one of our smaller spice tester tins!

We’re offering a limited supply of some of our popcorn seasonings in smaller tins that hold a rounded quarter cup of volume of spices. Perfect for making mini movie-themed holiday gifts or teacher gifts for the holidays.


Buttery Garlic
Cinnamon & Spiced Sugar

TIN SIZE: Tins are 3″ round by 1″ high. Depending on how heavily you season your popcorn and how much popcorn is in your bowl, each tin has enough seasoning to flavor between 3 to 5 healthy sized bowls of popcorn.

We hand mix these in small batches, so that it’s fresh and tasty when it gets to you! Once you receive your order, the seasonings have a 12+ month shelf life. Please store the spices in a cool, dark and dry location.

About our seasonings: We use organic sugar, gourmet sea salts, and both organic and conventionally grown spices and ingredients to create our handmade blends. We source as many of our ingredients as we can from small farmers, as well as some of the best suppliers overseas – from Hawaiian and French sea salts to European dark cocoa powder.

Each tin has a complete ingredient list. Want to check out the ingredients before you order or have other questions? Please click the “contact us” button and send us a message – we’re happy to chat!

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